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Well, I've been playing Dark Souls an awful lot this year, and I was thinking, maybe with the knowledge I have, the jokes I have about it, and also with a few references to other things, I could make a decent parody of this.

Here's the first frame so far.

I've dubbed it:
Dark Loulz, Prepare to Laugh Edition.

New parody idea. Maybe I'll finish this?

I got... Unscouted?

2012-11-06 21:46:42 by HFR

I don't get it, I mean, I get scouted at first, I'm over the moon about it, then I come on now just to see that I am unscouted again.

I've not broken any rules, all the work on here I've drawn myself, my work is on my DA page also, so if I've been unscouted for having work from my Deviant Art on here, then that's kind of backwards.

It's all me.

It'd have been pretty cool to have been given a reason so I'm not left speculating and such.

I got scouted

2012-07-25 21:48:41 by HFR

I feel proud of myself, I actually feel inspired to draw more stuff now.

20 today!

2012-06-11 20:32:18 by HFR

Yay, no longer a teenager, wonderful.

I met TomSka on Friday.

2012-06-01 07:22:34 by HFR

Any of you jelly?
And yes I am in Costume, this was at the London MCM Comic Con :P

I met TomSka on Friday.

Given up on a lot of stuff.

2012-05-12 11:13:49 by HFR

I've made a habit of starting projects, then not finishing them, then eventually I get around to destroying them entirely.

Well, hopefully I stop doing that soon, I mean, it'd actually help if I finished at least one thing I started to work on!

Oh well, any project I've started that you've seen in my previous rants has had work stopped on indefinitely, though maybe some day in the distant future, I may actually finish something.

Heading to MCM Expo in 12 days.

2012-05-12 11:03:37 by HFR

I'll be heading to the London MCM Expo in 12 days, and this is the first expo or Con that I've been to, so hopefully I enjoy it.

I'll be leaving on the 24th, so I can be at all three days of the Expo which is lasting from Friday 25th til Sunday 27th. Heading home on the 28th.

In other news, I lost the pen for my graphics tablet again, so I think I'm just gunna get a new graphics tablet, an A4 or A3 one should be pretty awesome in my opinion, compared the the A5 piece of crap I have at the moment.

I've been watching, voting and reviewing some of the under-judgement flash animations, a few have been alright, I watched one exceptionally good one, tried giving some advice to a few of the people, which hopefully some of them will take on board, cause some day it could give them ideas or help them out.

Though honest to goodness, some of these people should have quit whilst they were ahead, I mean, seriously now... Are they deliberately trying to waste my time?
I didn't review the ones that I thought were complete bollocks cause I pretty much think they weren't worth my time, plus if I don't have anything critical to say, or anything nice in that matter, I should probably avoid saying anything at all, cause I could end pissing off people, which really I can't be bothered with right now.

I doubt any of them will take it personally though, unless they've dedicated ages to something that I voted low for, but if they didn't do good enough, then that's that, I can't go pity voting them Fives just to be nice or anything, can I?


2012-04-30 22:43:51 by HFR

I like the system and everything...
Apart from when it doesn't work, which is most of the time.


2012-01-19 06:01:22 by HFR

Finally, I've stopped procrastinating, and I've finally gotten round to making something.

It's just a webcomic, not an animation, but it's better than nothing!

This webcomic is titled "Things Barmen Do Not Like" (Bartenders to you Americans) and it can also be found in the Art Portal.

It wont let me post a png here, so you can see it by either going in the actual Art Portal it's self, or by following the link above, to my deviantart.